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Study in UK

UK education is recognized and respected throughout the world. Your UK qualification will be a solid foundation for building your future, boosting your career and prospects for a higher salary. UK universities, colleges and schools will provide a vibrant, creative and challenging environment in which to develop your potential.  Universities, colleges and schools continually have to prove that their courses meet strict criteria. By tradition, UK universities provide the right structure to the educational demands of the 21st Century.


Why should you study in the UK?

You'll Gain Recognised & Respected Qualification:

Like all UK education; UK postgraduate qualifications are respected and valued all over the world. A master's degree, PhD or MBA from a UK university will give you an edge over the competition. It will prove to employers that you're capable of independent thought and self-discipline, used to conducting and analyzing your own research and will let them know that you can make a real contribution to their company or organization. 


It has Fantastic Value:

Study_AbroadUK postgraduate study offers fantastic value for money alongside the sort of experience you can't put a price on: you'll learn to think for yourself and make your own decisions. You're not just paying for lectures and practicals: throughout your course you'll have access to fantastic libraries, state-of-the art laboratories, ultramodern computer facilities and extensive research resources that will blow you and your future employers away.


It makes the best use of your time:

Full-time postgraduate courses in the UK vary from one year to four years depending on the type of course you choose. the following will give you a general idea of how long each type of course will take to complete:

  • One year courses
  • Two year courses: Some master's degrees
  • Three to four year courses
  • Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma, Master's degrees, MBAs
  • Three to four year courses: PhDs, New Route PhDs
  • PhDs, New Route PhDs

Study_AbroadYou can improve your English:

By studying for a postgraduate qualification in the UK, you'll be able to practice your English language skills every time you buy a newspaper or meet English-speaking friends, as well as in the seminars and discussion groups that will prepare you for your future career. Many UK universities offer in-sessional language support and, if you need more help before you begin, pre-master's courses are there to bring your communication skills up to scratch.



You can choose to Study the Way it Suits You:

The wide range of postgraduate courses on offer gives you more flexibility than you're likely to find in another country's education system. You can start by enrolling on a master's degree, then transfer or start by taking an M.Res - Master of Research - which could lead on to a PhD. It's up to you!.

It's a Multicultural Experience

At a UK university you'll be mixing with people from all over the world, whose different backgrounds and new perspectives will add to your experience. There are around 500,000 postgraduate students in the UK and at many universities and colleges more than 30 per cent of these are international. You'll meet students from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia, and will gain an insight into their customs and culture that will shape your view of the global economy in which you'll soon be looking to make your career.

When you come to the UK, you get four countries in one: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each has its own distinctive history, landscape and modern culture. And, because they're all within easy reach of one another, they're easy to explore. The national air, rail, coach and bus networks will get you almost anywhere in the UK - so you won't need a car, as you might in some countries. Discounts or special rates are generally available for students on most forms of transport. All international students staying in the UK for a period of six months or more will qualify for free healthcare through the National Healthcare Service. 


Education System

Education system in UK is similar to that of India and Australia, since these two countries follow theirs!.

There are more than three thousand educational institutions that welcome international students in the UK. You can choose from a variety of routes through the education and training system, combining different types of course according to your needs and abilities. Many courses can also be taken through distance learning in your home country. 

There are currently more than 10,000 Indian students studying in UK universities and colleges. 


UK degrees can take only three years and postgraduate Master's courses only one year - compared with four years and two years in most other countries. This means you will save a great deal on both tuition fees and living costs - and you will be able to start working and earning money sooner. UK degree courses are shorter because they are more intensive, and therefore more efficient in terms of your time and money.

Admission is based on individual institutions' requirements, since there are no pre-requisite tests (other than for English proficiency). 

Admission is based on individual institutions' requirements, since there are no pre-requisite tests (other than for English proficiency). 

Most universities require good performance at the undergraduate level, in relevant area, in order to consider admission into their Master's level programs. Most Master's programs are of 12 months duration. 

MBA admission requires work experience of at least 2-3 years at the managerial level, in all decent UK universities. 

Required tests

You may be required to sit on an English Language Test such as IELTS before the university will confirm your seat on the course. The IELTS is organized by the British Council and results take 2-3 weeks. 


The minimum scores usually required are 6.0 to 7.0 for IELTS. 

For MBA programs in good universities, a good GMAT score is required, in addition to IELTS scores and work experience of 2-3 years, in addition to decent academic performance at the Bachelor's level. 

Royal Buckingham International Education Consultancy can help you obtain admission in MBA programs without GMAT score too! 

Cost of Education

For international students, universities set their own fees and they vary by subject and by institution. The average costs of tuition in various fields are:


Under Graduation (3-4yrs) : £6,750 to £8,500 per year
Post Graduation : £8,000 to £10,000 per year
MBA : £7,500 to £13,500 per year
Scholarships : Up to 1000 Pounds.

Applying for a visa 

After securing admission into the University one must start with the visa formalities. At Royal Buckingham International School Placement Center, all students can take advantage of visa counseling services through our group of experts with added confidence about our process and reputation.


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