Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta

Our Mission

We will develop the skills, positive attitudes and peraonal qualities of every learner so they can become active contributors to the global community.

Our Vision

We strive to create an educational environment that promotes the harmonious development of each person’s physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual gifts, and that encourages a sense of responsibility, the correct use of freedom, and active participation in social life.

The Aims of Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta

*We aim to provide a safe environment in which each child can develop self-respect, respect for others, the school and the wider community.

*We aim to ensure that all our learners have equal opportunity to realise their full potential

*We aim to provide a curriculum which cultivates a range of skills for life-long learning, together with encouraging the development of healthy minds and bodies.

To provide an environment that enables children:

*To feel cared for in a trusting and stimulating environment where we feel secure enough to take risks in order to develop our understanding of learning and the world around us.

*To have the confidence not to give in when things are tricky, to use whatever we know to find out what we don’t know.

*To set ourselves high standards in our work, to believe that learning is worthwhile and that we should not be afraid to do well.

*To treat other people how we would want to be treated.

*To ensure that everyone feels welcomed, informed and valued so that we can all be thoughtful and supportive of each other.

*To value the physical and emotional needs of others and ourselves.

*To be free to use our imagination, curiosity and creativity.

*To enjoy learning every day and forever through a broad range of experiences. 

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