Greetings from Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta.  

On behalf of the management and teaching staff of Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta, I would like to welcome you to the 2017/2018 academic year. At the beginning of every academic year, we at RBS make it a norm to create a commodious, conciliating and blithesome environment for our students. We believe that education is not about competition, instead it is about imparting knowledge, training faculties and developing the skills of our students. RBS has diverse students from different parts of the globe thus it is absolutely imperative that we create an environment, which will accord students to cooperate and understand each other in an intellectual manner.

As the director of studies, it is my prime objective that students of Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta are adept in the pursuit of their academic aspirations. We have emplaced Compulsory Curriculum Activities, which are activity based thence bringing out the creativity of our students. During the past two years, our students have participated in the International Math Olympiad and have performed remarkably well.

Regularly, Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta students will have the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge to the world by engaging in Science, Mathematics and English competitions with other schools. The reason for these activities is not to compete with other schools but to motivate our students, build their confidence and also enable them socialize with students from other schools. We shall not overrule sports as it is the only way to attain a healthy mind and also keep the body fit and active.

The mission of Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta is to build the future generation and this cannot be optimally achieved without ebullience, allegiance and above all the cooperation of parents. Our doors are always open for suggestions and further enquiries. We look forward to a blissful academic year.


Royal Buckingham  School Jakarta

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