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As part of our commitment to build the future generation by providing quality and affordable education, Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta is offering free registration on admission fee for 2017/2018 academic year. Rush now, while offer lasts.


English Language Courses 

Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta is a large, private English language school. We teach general, exam-focused and specialist English to adults, teenagers and kids. Our courses can lead to recognised Cambridge examinations like FCE (Cambridge First Certificate), CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam) and CPE (Cambridge Proficiency Exam).

We also prepare students for the IELTS exam which is the normal requirement for British university entrance. It is also possible to study business English (English for the working environment) and to have private lessons. 

Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta is popular because we teach English as a foreign language enthusiastically and effectively, our prices are affordable even for students who want to come to London for long courses and we have a relaxed, friendly, but professional atmosphere.  

Our Courses: English_Course_in_Jakarta

Kids Courses

  • Buckingham English Seal Kids Action
  • Buckingham English Seal Team Action
  • Leadership Skill Building Workshop (LSBW)


Teens Courses 

  • Buckingham English Teen Starters 
  • Buckingham English Teen Savers
  • Buckingham English for Academic Study  
  • Buckingham Creative Writing

Adult Courses


Buckingham Legal English

Buckingham General English

Buckingham Business English

Buckingham Conversational English


Real English

Using our teaching methodology at Royal Buckingham School Jakarta, you will learn how English is spoken and used in real-life, day-to-day situations. Focusing on the four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), you will practice conversation skills, along with sharpening your grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation. 

Learn the English you need to accomplish your aims, be understood and get things done.


Improve your ‘thinking time’

‘Thinking time’ - The time that it takes to listen, understand and respond in English. On our General English course you will shorten your thinking time, making it quicker for you to respond and improving your fluency.


reative and energetic classes

Relaxed and informal classrooms always create fun and inspiring atmospheres. You will speak confidently and freely while interacting with your classmates. Our professional and dedicated teaching staff at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta will supply you with fun and functional lessons every single day of your course.


Authentic materials

As well as using text books, teachers at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta often supplement lessons with authentic resources, such as newspapers, videos, internet and CD's, all of which will give you a clearer understanding of how English is really used.


Learn by doing

At Royal Buckingham School Jakarta, we very much believe in students taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, you will learn by doing. You can expect to fully take part in lessons - there won't be a moment when you are not

directly involved in an activity or working on one of the four skills.


Topic based lessons

Every lesson you or your child takes at Royal Buckingham School will be based on a specific topic or theme. The language skills and grammar are taught within the framework of the topic and will serve to help you apply everything you have learned in a natural way. Simply put, you will learn the correct English for the correct situation.


Teachers and academic staff at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta will be on hand to give you ongoing support, encouragement, advice and feedback. They will create a comfortable and confidence-building classroom environment. The role of our teachers is to guide you to your English language goal. 


We Are Located At:

Royal Buckingham SchoolRoyal Buckingham School, Jakarta

Jl. Danau Indah Raya, Blok A1 No. 16 & 17 Sunter Jaya. Jakarta Utara 14350

Tel : (021) 650 6383

Mobile: +62 858 8162 2588 

WhatsApp: +62 858 8162 2588                                      


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