1. Why Assessments?

Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta see Assessment as central to delivering a high quality education. Assessment allows teachers, the school and students themselves to evaluate, recognise and grade student achievements and progress, and allows teachers to evaluate and adapt their teaching and measure how successfully they are delivering the curriculum.

Effective assessment enables students to make smooth progress through school. Royal Buckingham School Jakarta, use assessment to adapt our curriculum around the needs, capabilities and aspirations of our students, to fulfill the objectives of the short, medium and long term plans (based on the our adopted International Primary Curriculum IPC) and to plan and strengthen learning.

A student will be assessed throughout the year, both formally and informally. All student work is marked at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta and guidance is given to each student on strengths and areas for development.

2. Types of Assessments at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta

End of Unit Assessments

Students at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta take a summative assessment at the end of every Unit of Learning in all subjects. Students sit for these unaided school assessments which gauge if students have met the learning objectives for that Unit of Learning.


End of Term Tests

Students from Year 1 onwards take an unaided school-made End of Term Assessment (i.e. test) in all subjects at the end of every term.


End of Year Tests

o   Students in Years 1 – 10 take school devised assessments in other subjects.

o   Students in Years 1 – 10 take standardized assessments in English, Maths & Science


Reading Assessments

Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta uses diagnostic assessment  to determine a student’s English attainment in reading. These provide:

o    Reading Recovery Levels

o    Book Bands and Reading Targets for Guided Reading

3. Reporting Schedule 

Reporting to Parents & Students:

There are five sets of reports each year:

* Interim Report 1

* End of Term 1 Report

* Interim Report 2

* End of Year Report

Teachers at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta share and discuss the Assessments results with students individually.  

Parents are informed of Assessment results via Teachers/Schools Reports at formal Parent-Teacher meetings at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta. At the end of term, the School provides parents their child’s level of attainment in each subject in the End of Term Report. 

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