Royal Buckingham School  Learning makes that difference…

Royal Buckingham Tuition Center Jakarta students make significant gains in their progress because we treat every child as a unique individual. We listen to parents’ concerns! We ensure we understand exactly what parents would like the private tuition to achieve. Then we set about making it happen!

Individual Programmes

An individual learning program at Royal Buckingham Tuition Center Jakarta is created for every child. The lessons are designed to be interesting and enjoyable. Plenty of variety is offered so children don’t become bored. We use the best available teaching materials that are approved for use in schools and are therefore tried, tested and proven.

Individual Progress

Children are able to progress at their own rate. This means we challenge and stretch those children who are already confident students. For more nervous or hesitant children who perhaps may need greater levels of support and encouragement, this means providing a boost. We at Royal Buckingham Tuition Center Jakarta, strive to build every child’s self-confidence by ensuring children experience success every lesson.

Individual Lessons

An individual lesson is devised for every child in advance of the weekly lessons. This means that every child works on their own individual learning program that we at Royal Buckingham School Jakarta have built for them. We do not teach groups of children. We do not offer “one-size-fits-all” program. Every Royal Buckingham School Jakarta Learning student is catered for individually and taught amongst a small number of other children within a maximum of 8 students per teacher, thus ensuring we provide each child with all the support needed.

We cater for children of all ability levels aged 5 – 16. So whatever reasons parents have for seeking private tuition, Royal Buckingham Institution will deliver the result!

We believe CONFIDENCE builds SUCCESS and that greater success builds even greater confidence. Royal Buckingham School Jakarta Learning students are inspired to do their very best and encouraged to build the confidence needed to achieve and to succeed.

We build:


To succeed, every student first needs the confidence to have a go and try. We build that confidence from Day 1.


The enthusiasm of our Maths, English and Science tutors ensures children really do enjoy the experience of attending lessons at Royal Buckingham School Jakarta.


Our computer-aided resources have built-in strategies to encourage independent learning and build confidence.


Our broad coverage of The International Curriculum objectives ensures students gain the knowledge they need to succeed at school and in life.


Vital Maths, Science and English skills are taught in a positive, caring and meaningful way.


Is our ultimate goal. We build every student’s confidence and self-esteem to help them achieve their potential, whatever that may be.

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