Literacy and English Tuition for Ages 5-16

Our comprehensive range of engaging and stimulating English and Literacy Lessons builds student interest and confidence from Key Stages 1 – 4. Lessons are fully aligned to the International Curriculum and UK National Literacy Strategy and are ideal for the self-paced learning of individuals.


Written Expression

Our integrated approach to teaching written expression encourages children to explore their ideas through talking with the teacher before preparing to write in clearly structured ways. Students at Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta  have opportunities to learn from their reading in order to develop a variety of writing skills.

Mind-mapping techniques are used to facilitate structured writing with consistent use of paragraphs. We aim to ensure every student has a sound grasp of the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. We also encourage word-processing skills as part of essential computer knowledge.


Spelling at Royal Buckingham International School Jakarta  forms an important part of a student’s Written Expression Program from which personal spelling lists are developed. Standardised lists also ensure children can tackle spelling with confidence and lessons are interactive, fun and challenging.


Pencil and paper activities assist children to learn the correct letter formations and to develop speed and accuracy in written work. We at Royal Buckingham School Jakarta encourages students to present their written work neatly with clear, legible handwriting that has been written using correct letter formations.

Communication and Thinking Skills


Drafting/redrafting information

Using specialist vocabulary/language/notation

Creative thinking (Seeking innovative alternatives)

Reasoning (Inference and deduction)

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