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Best of British Education in Jakarta

Royal Buckingham School, Jakarta provides the Best of British Education in Jakarta. We thus allow for an intimate and family atmosphere, where each student can be fully understood by all members of staff.

Our Students at Royal Buckingham School Jakarta, feel they belong and are respected for who they are. In return, we expect a high level of commitment from all students and parents to our shared ethos and approach.


21st Century Learning

As a result of our unique approach, we take pride in the fact that Royal Buckingham School Jakarta, attains standards, both behavioral and educational wise. These standards are not often achieved in mainstream education, whether National, National Plus or Independent.  

Our focus on creativity and imagination means that our students at Royal Buckingham School are encouraged to explore for themselves and as a result take great pride in their work. 

Royal Buckingham School's approach to physical education and outdoor activities, are unique and play a major part in school life. It fosters personal development and the ability to work together.